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Memorial Day 2016 Facts, Trivia, Images, Pictures

Memorial Day 2016, Memorial Weekend 2016 Facts, Trivia, Images, Pictures, Image wishes : Memorial Day is a very memorable day and remembered day for the loss of the lives of many Soldiers during the Civil War. Declared as a National holiday, Memorial Day is a fun festival now for most of this generation, but it's origins have a very dark story to tell about. Below are the Memorial Day 2016 facts that will help you remember the Historical prominence of the Day and some Memorial Day 2016 Images and pictures.

Memorial Day 2016 Historical facts, Fun Facts, Trivia, Images and Pictures :

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The Birthplace of Memorial Day is claimed to be Waterloo, New York.
In 1966, the Congress of New York declared that Waterloo should be officially considered as the birthplace for Memorial Day.
“If silence is ever golden, it must be beside the graves of fifteen-thousand men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem the music of which can never be sung.”
These were the very first words that were said in the first ever speech of Memorial Day delivered by James A.Garfield in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery.
It's originally called Decoration Day
In the early days of the announcement of Memorial Day, it was named Decoration day because of the events that take place on that day. But in the memory of the soldiers, it was changed to Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Facts for Kids 2016 :

Below are the Memorial Day facts and trivia for Kids 2016.
More than 600,000 soldiers lost their lives fighting in Civil War
 It is believed that more than 250,000 soldiers lost their lives due to disease and plague and all the other soldiers when in War.
03:00 pm is legally the moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day
Most of the US Citizens do not know this, but it is legally required for all the US residents to pause their clocks at 3pm in remembrance of the Soldiers. This law is passed by the Congress in December 2000.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day {Memorial Day weekend 2016} :

Memorial Day is celebrated every year in remembrance of more than 600,000 brave soldiers who lost their lives at the time of Civil War fighting at the side of United States Armed forces. In 1971 , Memorial Day is declared as a Nationally important Day and a Holiday.

Memorial Day 2016 Images, Greetings :

Share these Memorial Day Images and Greetings with your friends and family by sending them these memorial day pictures that honor the Soldiers that lost their Lives during War.

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A federal Holiday is declared in the remembrance of Memorial Day. Memorial Day 2016 is celebrated the Whole weekend and all the prices are cut down along with good deals on purchases for Memorial Weekend 2016.

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So, make sure you Honor the unsung heroes of Civil War and respect this Memorial Day 2016 along with enjoying Memorial Weekend Holidays with your friends and family.

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